Ashley Designs in Apparel Valley for 2013 Longmont’s Art Walk


Ashley Designs scarves displayed by Apparel Valley during the Art Walk on Friday July 19, 2013! A great event put on by the City of Longmont with the help of so many sponsors and volunteers. Main street closed off and filled with only pedestrians walking up and down main checking all the great local busunesses. Tents set up, bands performing, food cooking, children laughing, and adults mingling; peaceful and loving feel! My imagination took me to an era of much simpler times where this wasn’t an event once a year.
I would like to thank all who had a hand in the Art Walk and how beautiful everything turned out!



It was great meeting new people of Longmont and being able to familiarize myself with all the local downtown shops! It’s important to source and shop local. You might just be supporting your neighbor or friend, but a great community such as Longmont thrives as a family of networking.

I thank everyone at Apparel Valley for giving Ashley Designs the opportunity to promote and sell my designer scarves in their boutique! Special orders are available. …


During the Artwalk, we looked around at all the events where each tent put on something for the community get together. My son had his heart set on decorating his own cookie!
image image image
He said “I worked really hard on that cookie!”
We had so much fun visiting all the wonderful places The Art Walk had to offer. Cookie decorating, face painting, balloons, acrobats, singing, and dancing! Don’t forget to see what’s going on in your local town! Inside Longmont is the place to go for all upcoming events and where you can post your events to the public!

Collaboration of Ashley Designs scarfs

Get your order in today!

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