Watch (vote) “💜HELP Ashley Weber WIN an 🆓Accessible Van NMEDA♿” on YouTube

💜HELP Ashley Weber WIN an 🆓Accessible Van NMEDA♿:
May is National Mobility Awareness Month 

This May is the 3rd annual celebration of National Mobility Awareness Month, which is a special time for me, it brings awareness to issues that my family face on a daily basis. Right now, I have a vehicle that is unsafe for me to be in, and also does not allow me to take care of my family the way I need to. With a young son about to start kindergarten, and a vehicle that does not work for our family, I am looking for your VOTES! And remember, you can vote once EVERY 24 hours from ALL email addresses! Vote everyday until May 9th!:)
Local Hero: Ashley & Collin

Login, click “get EXTRA votes” and answer the secret question for DOUBLE VOTES, enter math box, check, and VOTE.
For ANSWERS, UPDATES, and REMINDERS please Join: NMEDA Handicapped Accessible Van ASHLEY WEBER Group

Im asking for your help in voting for me to be one of the very lucky people that receives 1 of 4 FREE Handicapped accessible vehicles offered by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), VMI (Vantage Mobility International), BraunAbility, MobilityWorks, and other partners team together and are taking part in celebrating the upcoming National Mobility Awareness Month! To WIN you have to get the peoples VOTES! (YOUR VOTE COUNTS)
Thank you for your time!

Ashley Designs


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