✌✌ONLY 2 Days Left to VOTE✌✌


🎥YouTube Video: NMEDA Mobility Awareness Please ☑VOTE Ashley Weber: http://youtu.be/bbKsfiEb188
Ashley Weber (Myself) I have overcame many many challenges in my 30 yrs of life…♿paralyzed in a car accident at 18, just after Graduating High School in 2002🎓 & attending my 2nd year of college, I catastrophically broke my neck (C1, C4, C5, & exploded C6). A 16 hour anterior & posterior NECK surgery which involved removing bone from my hip to create a NEW C6 vertebrae, then fusing my Spine with titanium plates & screws from C3 to T1. I had Hyper-calciumia twice, feeding tube, gall bladder & appendics removed. Was hooked up to a breathing machine, 💉IVs, and drownding in pharma drugs💊… I watched the 😷Drs, nurses, and staff line up chairs alongside the window of my hospital room as if they were already saying their “goodbyes”… I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even move! All I was left with were my own thoughts! 💬


Spending 145 days in the hospital,  ambulance ride🚑 to the Emergency Room (place of employment at time), 🚁Flight for Life to St. Anthony’s (where i spent 2 weeks in ICU), then transferred to Craig Hospital🏩 i was FINALLY released the end of April! 🎅Christmas, 🎉New Year’s, 💘Valentine’s, & My 🎈19th Birthday were ALL celebrated surrounded by the hospital staff who became a part of my extended family! My parent’s separated and in May after returning home, a week later I was back in the hopital because of a blood clot in my right lung…treated & released… again a week later another blood clot, but this time in my left lung. Lucky enough to have had 2 BLOOD CLOTS pass through my HEART without it skippjng a beat I immediately had surgery for a “Greenfield Filter”, which is placed in the inferior vena cava to prevent any fatal pulmonary embolisms from hopefully ever entering my heart again… this all happened in only 6 months!
After May 2003 i was released from the hospital and here is where MY reality REALLY set in…
👍And that’s how my life changed from “Standing” …to “Sitting” until…I REALIZED … the Life you Live, is the Life you CREATE so make things SIMPLE & FOLLOW your HEART! My gut feels like a BIG knot at times, but its NEVER lead me to a DEAD END!… not yet anyway 😉 💛 PLEASE VOTE & SHARE 💛


💜💚💛Much Love, xoxo 💋
Ashley Weber


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