Ashley’s Story


My name is Ashley Weber. I grew up in a small town of Colorado called Wiggins. To show how small of a town it is, when I graduated, my class had a total of 28 people.  I enjoyed every minute of the country life which kept me quite active. I had a passion for riding horses (team roping/barrels) and participating sports (volleyball was my thing).

While in high school, I managed my  extracurricular activities while also working in the local emergency room. I was taking college courses in planning to study medicine. I valued the experience I was receiving in the ER, as it was great to be in field early on in my studies.


At 18, I was just stepping out into the world with a set direction and determination, when it met an abrupt halt. Being told I would never again walk was hard to accept. The changes in life that came unexpectedly on that night of the car accident, left me feeling robbed of any dreams I dreamed, plans I made, and goals to achieve, had crumbled in one single moment.


On the night of December 7th, 2002, I was injured as a passenger in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. It resulted in me being paralyzed as a quadriplegic. In the accident, my cervicle spine was injured in several places. My C1 vertebrae was fractured. The C4 and C5 were broken and C6 exploded, which they replaced with a piece of my hip bone. I’m fused with metal, plates, and screws from C3 to T1 vertebra of my spine.


Ironically I ended up in the Colorado Plains Medical Center Emergency Room I had worked at.  Knowing everyone in that facility gave me with  indescribable eerie feeling while I lay there in my hospital bed.  I still remember the moment I was rolled in on the gurney,  looking up and seeing a co-worker/friend, Gina. I recall saying, “what’s up Gina?” as if we were on shift together. She starred in disbelief only to shout back at me,  “stop playing around Ashley!” It was a feeling I wish I could forget. I spent 6 months at Craig Hospital, after spending 2 weeks in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Anthony’s Hospital. It was not the hospital time I envisioned while preparing for dream of being a doctor.

In spite of this traumatic experience, I embarked on a new beginning. To every ending emerges a new path, we just have to know when and how to accept and embrace it. So, 11 years later, I am now the proud mother of beautiful 5 yr old boy. I have found a new passion involving fashion, graphics,advocating, and helping others see a new outlook on life. Becoming disabled left me with restrictions, limitations, and discouragement, but perseverance has been the key. When we shift our perception we can now be open to seeing life in a different light.  In my life, there exists more opportunities than the capabilities lost! It has been a hard road to this new perception, but I am proud of my life, proud to be a mother, and ready to take on any challenge the world puts in my path.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about my life. I hope my story inspires you to look at the positives in your life. And remember there is no limit to your potential, you just have to believe in yourself.
♥Surround Yourself with Potential♥


2 thoughts on “Ashley’s Story

  1. Great start Ashley. They look very pretty and unique! I think it’s a wonderful thing to create something unique and by using your own hands!!! Best wishes. 🙂

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