💌💘Valentines Day Design💋

Remember to wrap you arms around your “Loved One” to remind that special someone they mean the 🌍World🌎 to you!
Wrap your special 💞LOVED one💞 in the cozy warmth of a Beautiful Handcrafted Scarf Design!


“💗Day of Valentine’s💗” Design

Happy Valentine’s Day
Ashley & Collin



♥Merry Christmas♥ 5 New Scarf Designs

Hope everyone is doing well during this Holiday season! Merry Christmas ALL!
Ashley Designs Holiday scarf designs


“Wrap with a Bow”

“Wreath Warmth”

“Wrapped in Red”

♥Surround Yourself with Potential♥

♥Green Bay Football Fans “The Pack” Scarf Design…big win today!

In light of Green Bay Packers win over the Atlanta Falcons 22 to 21, the Packer fans still need to keep warm for hopefully weeks to come!

Playoff hopes alive after today’s BIG win!
First win without
“The Pack” design by Ashley Designs

★Good Luck Green Bay★

★Sport your Spirit★ & ♥ Surround yourself with Potential♥

“Football’s BIG GAME” Scarf Designs ~WIN a free SCARF~★Bronco Nation★ vs ★Kansas Chiefs★

The #1 Defense vs. The #1 Offense
Kansas City Chief’s vs. Denver Broncos
Its Sunday and 2 teams go head to head for a much anticipated game! Kansas City Chiefs visits Denver Broncos at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High! Many have searched high and low to score some tickets, one lady went as far as to sell her wedding ring on craiglist for a pair! She was successful in doing so! 🙂 (Wedding Ring for Broncos/Chiefs game)

Ashley Designs will be giving away a custom scarf to the ♡Sport your Sprit♡ contest! . Submit a picture of how you wear your COLORS and ☆Sport your Spirit☆! Tweet to @DesignsAshley or post a pic on Ashley Designs Facebook Pg
image image
Best dressed WINS!!!!

Enjoy the GAME!

♡Giving Thanks in November♡ ★Thanks we Give & Thanks we Get★

November is when we get to truly time travel! (relative to the meaning of going back in time.) Changing the clocks back sparked the age old question “what would you change if you could visit the past”? On my ‘About Me’ page you will know I was injured in a car accident when I was 18 yrs old and am now paralyzed. I handmake every scarf even though I have no use of my hands. The time, effort, technique, and love put into each design has never quite been explained on my blog and what better month to explain it than November→the Month of Thankful-ness! Each design I create was made by using just my forearms. I’m thankful for what function I do have and use it to re-create beauty in a way only I can express through the scarves I make. Every design to me isn’t just a scarf it is a work of art created by ‘arm knitting’ with each piece telling a story!
I don’t have a very large fan or reader base, but I wanted to share my views, challenges, and accomplishments with those of you who do follow me or my work.
Below is a collage of how I create my masterpieces↓ Each stitch is made by my wrists with a repetitive motion of grab, over, drop, grap under, wrap around, grab, and repeat…(video coming soon)
I created this blog for my business called Ashley Designs LLC! I take custom orders and create a new scarf design for each inspirational moment that speaks to me. This is a symbol for more than just fashion, it’s a story, experience, accomplishment, or challenge in designer wear!
We remember November as the month of giving, hence the holiday

Thanks we give, and the Thanks we get!
T   hanks for time to be together, turkey, talk, and tangy weather.
H  for harvest stored away, home, and hearth, and holiday.
A  for autumn’s frosty art, and abundance in the heart.
 for neighbors, and November, nice things, new things to remember.
K  for kitchen, kettles’ croon, kith and kin expected soon.
 for sizzles, sights, and sounds, and something special that about.    
That spells THANKS for joy in living and a jolly good Thanksgiving.                 
-Aileen Fisher, All in a Word

During this time of year as the night falls upon us faster, the leaves fall off the tree, and we await the Colorado snow. We nestling in the house earlier giving us extra time to spend with our loved ones, time to relax, and a little extra down time. (Thats what I’m always thankful for). After busy busy summer nights we have some adjusting to do with ourselves as the change of season arrives. Boredom can set in quickly and easily causing a couped up feeling otherwise referred to as “Cabin Fever”, which is no doubt going to lead to an argument at some point! 🙂 I find this Thanksgiving month to also be the month of “Jekyll and Hyde”!
Perhaps this is why we tend to be more giving or grumpier, depending on your perspective.

This drawing was the symbol of inspiration behind my design and tells a story we all must embrace.
Jekyll & Hyde (digital re-creation)

I decided to do a SPECIAL design for this Month calling it “JEKYLL AND HYDE” Design!
Grateful for what you have vs Grumpy because of what you don’t have

I ask myself “when did we become so un-approachable, disrespectful, non-negotiable, defensive, negative ridden beings?” A real Mr. Hyde…The answer is simple… when we allowed it to happen! Why do we allow it to happen? I ask? …because it’s the easy thing to do!
The affects can be seen in politics to religion and expressed on social networking. If your views differ on the world, no longer do you have their support or business, you could lose friends or family! My 4 yr old son calls it “being X-ed” 🙂
I fear we see our identity through other people eyes; Not of our own imagery.
We all have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde within us, but its you and only you who controls which takes over your life from day to day!
Be the Dr. Jekyll that you know is inside and when you feel Mr.Hyde surfacing remember to wrap up in the designer scarf for an attitude check! 😉

The first infinity scarf ♥”Thanks & Giving is Infinitive”♥

Focus on giving and appreciate all that you have. Life is too short! ★Live Love Life★

♥Surround Yourself with Potential♥

♥ HALLOWEAR♥ Orange & Black Attack


Halloween is here and so are the COLORS and new DESIGNS! October 31st is known to be the 1st day of snow making a scarf a MUST have accessory 🙂  Thursday is approaching fast! Stay warm and in style with 2 different designs to choose from…



☆Black/Silver with Orange OR Orange/Gold with Black☆
$75 includes shipping 🙂
You can place your order below by commenting or visit Ashley Designs LLC FB page or to suggest a design color visit Twitter @DesignsAshley

Ironically and luckily my High School and graduating colors were Orange & Black also. 🙂 Go Tigers! Order for all seasons…football, baseball, and even inside sports as well!


This is my sons favorite time of year!


Pumpkins, ghosts, scarecrows, witches,  bats, black cats,and all kinds of spooky-ness fill the crisp air. On a night where you can be anything imaginable; Halloween gives thrills to all young and old alike!



♥Surround Yourself with Potential♥

“Birthday Bash Design” inspired by Jessica Alba

Sparkle and shine with my new design! The ‘Birthday Bash’ design is here…


For this design I was inspired by Jessica Alba with her elegance and shine! Shooting a film with Luke Wilson called ‘Dear Eleanor’ produced by Leonardo DiCaprio right here in Longmont, Colorado; her star status style screamed ‘glamour’! I saw a picture of Alba with a scarf on and had a thought of “if she were to wear an Ashley Designs designer scarf, what would it look like?”…


Naming this particular design came as easy as cake 🙂 My friend needing a gift for her boss’s bday loved the look. ★This scarf also reminded me of icing on top a cake so sleek, smooth, and sparkly!★

♥Surround Yourself with Potential♥